Gunesten Advertising

Voltaire ‘Il faut cultiver notre jardin’

Pi Factory is the section in the agency which uses the Abstract Definition creative process to renew or develop a corporate identity that will stand the test of time. It is never too early, or too late, to make an investment in your corporate identity, it is the beating heart of every organization.

Tactics can be tweaked in response to events but strategy cannot be so easily changed. So after corporate identity, it’s common sense to focus on brand strategy, which we like to develop around the planned journey of individual brands through the market place.

Once you've got over pilot studies and stress testing, a speaker agency dedicated to things like common sense capitalism, women entrepreneurs and free speech is a good place to begin.

A Gunesten pilot study is a startup with added attitude. A plan is hatched for a brand that goes out of its way to stress test the marketplace and bring problems to the fore while the stakes are low.

In emerging markets we found during the Bruno's Kuafor stress test that high street brands come under intense price pressure from customers and staff. A sales promotion arsenal fronted up by a loyalty card was one way to fight back.

Not something we've done a lot of, which is why we called ourselves an Ad Agency. We thought we'd work on building the right foundations before we turned to above the line.

It's a Gunesten Ad Agency speciality, so it gets its own sub-brand Pegasus Productions. We fly in, do the ground campaign whatever that might be, and fly out again. Typically one to three months, some of it pre-planned, much of it off the cuff, all of it on-line.

The Racing Stables Business Model was put together as a prototype wealth creation model for emerging markets with innovations in finance, marketing and human resource.

A portfolio of anything can become valuable if the right choices are made. A market entry that begins with a property investment in the right area offers a wonderful platform for a range of business activities later on.

With less time and more resource, an emerging market entry is a potentially perilous step in the dark. All the combined emerging market experience and working network of Gunesten has been distilled into a three-day conference organized by Lale Speaker Buro to light up the portal and show the way.